The Freefloat is an inflatable device which, when properly inflated, will stabilize your turntable. You can use this device when you have to play at smaller locations with wooden floors, or on unstable stages. When people dance in front of turntables, tonearms quite often skip. This skipping will be reduced to an absolute minimum when you use the Freefloat. The Freefloat™ will make the lives of DJ’s and technicians easier, and will give the audience a better and more dynamic sound experience.

What is it?

The Freefloat™ is a specially designed aircushion for turntables in a DJ set - up. By placing a turntable on a Freefloat™, direct contact between the turntable and the DJ booth is avoided. This results in improved skip resistance of the needles and eliminates rumble problems completely.

By buying the Freefloat you have purchased a handy instrument that will enable you to drastically reduce the skipping of your turntable’s needle and the occurrence of rumble. So drastically that you will be surprised. It will make the shock absorbing constructions you used in the past superfluous.

The Freefloat is a combination of a shock absorbing and stabilizing system. Shocks are absorbed by the elasticity and the rolling effect of the four balls at the corners. Stabilization is achieved by the connection of the four balls by air tubes with the fifth ball in the center. Optimal operation of the Freefloat is obtained by the correct combination of flexibility (hardness of the balls) and stability (hardness of the tubes).

Who and where was it used?

Lots of events have the Freefloat installed but the biggest event that used the Freefloat was during DJ Tiësto’s recent concert in the Gelredome (25,000 visitors) the Freefloat™ was put to the test. Freefloat allowed Tiësto to use more low-end in his set without the usual rumble problems that normally occur when playing at high volumes. Afterwards Tiësto commented "FreeFloat™ saved my concert".

Since then Freefloat™ has also been called to the rescue at events and festivals such as ID&T Sensation White & Black edition in the Amsterdam Arena, Tiësto`s truck in the Love parade Berlin, Extrema festival Eindhoven, The North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague and more...


Easy to user inflatable turntable shock absorber

Turntable experience 10 to 20 times fewer shocks

Virtually eliminates skipping

Makes bass rumbling a thing of the past

Cuts down on shocks, both vertical and horizontal

Inflate with mouth or pump; one - way valve for easy filling

Four end balls support your turntables feet

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